We Are Premium Speckle Park and Angus Breeders

Promised Land Stud provides a perfect location for premium pasture-raised Speckle Park and Angus bulls. In fact, our high rainfall and fertile soils enable our seedstock operation to produce bulls and females that are entirely pasture-raised. Promised Land Stud is located in the lush Promised Land region of the Gleniffer Valley, 10kms northwest of Bellingen on the Mid North Coast of NSW. As premium Speckle Park and Angus Breeders, the team brings nearly a decade of experience with purebred Angus and commercial herd breeding. As such, we are proud to offer genuine one hundred per cent pasture-raised and sale-prepared, performance-recorded animals.

Why Choose Promised Land Stud?

Our breeding philosophy focuses on several critical factors to maintain world-class bloodlines as premium Speckle Park and Angus Breeders. Clearly, the integrity of any herd relies upon the quality of the foundation females. We regard this as our primary objective.

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Furthermore, we use Speckle Park and Angus genetic databases to create seed stock that provides ideal outcomes. We favour artificial insemination and embryo transfer to select the best breeding genetics from local and international sources.  In addition, Breedplan performance recording is a vital part of our program. Lastly, for sales, we encourage you to visit our farm and select your bulls or foundational females straight from the paddock.

Why Speckle Park and Angus Breeders?

Our stud operation has been built on our success as premium Angus bull breeders. As a result, we produce only genuine grass-fed seed stock bulls and foundational females with impeccable bloodlines. We continue to do this with the addition of the Speckle Park breed. Originally imported from Canada, Speckle Park is a sought-after breed on the world beef market. Speckle Park is a Canadian breed noted for its docile temperament, impressive weight gains, and efficiency in producing medium-sized, high-quality, high-marbled carcasses. In short, Speckle Park cattle are fertile, hardy and healthy.

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Promised Land Stud Farm is Beautiful. I recommend going to one of their open days to check out what they have on display!
Jade Farleigh
Jade Farleigh
04:02 10 Aug 21
Thank you Alister and the entire team, Was very professional and responsive.
Jacob Connor
Jacob Connor
03:45 10 Aug 21
Top quailty service, would reccomend
Bryn Goode
Bryn Goode
03:17 10 Aug 21

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