Our Breeding Philosophy

Our Breeding Philosophy

World-class bloodlines for premium seedstock bulls

The Promised Land Stud is committed to producing genuine grass-fed seed stock Angus bulls. The location of the Stud in the fertile Gleniffer Valley is ideal for this initiative due to its potential for first class intensive pasture management.

The integrity of any herd relies upon the quality of the foundation females and we regard this as our highest priority.
The Angus genetic database provides us all with the opportunity to direct our attention to ideal outcomes.

We breed cattle that:

  • Perform well in all conditions
  • Calve easily
  • Are fast-growing
  • Achieve high marbling and high eye muscle
  • Give high beef yield
  • Make better eating quality

Our breeding philosophy focuses on:

  • Healthy farming practices
  • Careful genetic planning
  • Strong foundation females
  • Improving herd traits
  • High profit characteristics
  • Matching our bulls to your herd’s needs

We select our breeding genetics from the best available both locally and internationally using artificial insemination and embryo transfer.

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