Introducing Speckle Park

Introducing Speckle Park

A sought-after breed on the world beef market

We’ve recently welcomed the Speckle Park breed to our farm.

Speckle Park is a Canadian breed noted for their consistency and efficiency to produce medium-sized, high-quality, well-marbled carcasses without any excess of back fat. They are early to mature, so they are quicker to market.

The Speckle Park temperament and physiology make them ideal for our grass-fed philosophy, and their light colour makes them an ideal addition to operations in high-temperature regions.

Speckle Park cattle are:

  • Fertile
  • Healthy
  • Hardy
  • Reliable

Ask us about how Speckle Park can add value to your beef operation.


Foundation females

Our Speckle Park foundation females were carefully chosen to build a strong, productive herd.

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Speckle Park bulls for sale

Visit the farm to pick your bull straight from the paddock.

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See Speckle Park up close

Visit Promised Land to inspect our Speckle Park and see why this new breed is something special.

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