Promised Land Stud Produce Exceptional Angus Bulls and Cattle

Angus is a genuinely international breed. In fact, they are the dominant breed in the USA, Canada, Argentina, New Zealand and Australia. In addition, they are growing in popularity throughout Europe, South Africa and Brazil. And they remain sought-after in the UK. Here, at the Promised Land Stud, we’ve invested heavily to produce an exceptional foundational female herd over the last decade. Rest assured, every cow has been wisely chosen to combine outstanding genetics and exemplary breeding traits. From this, we’ve built our world-class seedstock Angus bull operation resulting in our superior Angus Bulls and cattle for sale.

Angus Highlights

Aberdeen Angus, or Angus as they are known internationally, are naturally polled and can be black or red in colour.  The Angus is resistant to harsh weather, undemanding, adaptable, and calm natured. Moreover, they mature very early and have a high carcass yield with agreeably marbled meat. Angus are renowned as a carcass breed. Angus females calve easily and have exceptional calf rearing ability.

Premium Angus Bulls and Cattle For Sale

The Promised Land Stud is a producer of genuine grass-fed seed stock Angus bulls.  Located in the fertile Gleniffer Valley, the stud is ideally situated as the quality land and ideal climate faciltates first-class intensive pasture management. Furthermore, through a careful process of genetic selection, embryo transfer and Breedplan performance recording, we have produced an enviable selection of Angus Bulls and cattle for sale.

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