Spring Sales

As we come around to the busy Spring Sale season, we must admit that the enquiry for our genetics hasn’t taken a back seat since Spring 2021. Over the last 10 months we have sold 30 bulls both privately and through the Scone Speckle Park Sale which has left us with, 5 x 19-23 month old Angus bulls remaining. Because of this we have selected some Elite females to showcase our genetics at the Casino Sale

We will be attending the Casino All Breeds Sale, with 3 Angus and 3 Speckle Park Females and the Donovan Angus and Brangus Bull and Female Sale with the 5 Angus Bulls to conclude our current sale stock.


Casino All Breeds Bull and Female Sale 30th July 2022

Onsite at the Northern Rivers Livestock Exchange and online via Stocklive


Lot 154 Promised Land Bara Q220 (LD Capitalist 316 x Promised Land Bara N70)

PTIC 8mths to Sav Resource


Lot 155 Promised Land Usual S344 (SAV Resource x Wattletop J306)

PTIC 4mths Banquet Quarter pounder Q252


Lot 156 Promised Land Dream S340 (Glenoch-JK Makahu M602 x Promised Land Dream Q197)

PTIC 8 weeks to Promised Land Brando Q228 (Millah Murrah Marlon Brando Son)


Speckle Park

Lot 157 Promised Land Sissy Q204 (Codiak Monument 107D x Codiak Sissy GNK 72Y)

PTIC 8mths to Minnamurra Montezuma


Lot 158 Promised Land Amanda P162 ( Mainstream Eldorado x Codiak Amanda 42Y)

PTIC 5mths to Riverina Sonar J301


Lot 159 Promised Land Sissy S348 ( Codiak Monument 107D x Codiak Sissy GNK 72Y)



Donovan Angus & Brangus Bull Sale

Onsite at the Grafton Saleyards 6th August 2022

5 x Angus Bulls

Lot 29 Promised Land Equtor R330 (Promised Land Equator P136 x Promised Land Moongarra L03)

Larger framed, big capacity bull to put that extra punch into your weaner production. Great to go over moderate framed cows with that extra fat cover.


Lot 30 Promised Land Emperor S355 (Te Mania Emperor E343 x KO Bara G27)

Embryo calf with sibling daughters in full production within the herd doing an excellent job on their calves.


Lot31 Promised Land Legend S343 (Clunie Range Legend L348 x KO Wargoona G25)

Heifer Bull Option with a powerful pedigree


Lot 32 Promised Land Hector S342 (Coonamble Hector H249 x Promised Land Wilcoola Q190)

Heifer Bull Option with Big EMA and Positive fat and Retail Beef yield


Lot 33 Promised Land Hector S341 (Coonamble Hector H249 x Promised Land Panda K12)

Heifer Bull option with Positive Fats and good Structural EBV’s.


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